Monday, December 5, 2011

things I love tuesday... real life.

alrighty... I knew this had to happen, but I've been dreading it.
like, MAJOR dreading it.

so, for this week's edition of things I love tuesday, prepare yourself for some real life.
yeah. entirely depressing, rather pathetic, and not-at-all-sunshiney REAL LIFE.
and not kale-eating mature real life either.

to start off this miserable list...
1) I just almost died of a heart attack, because my dog heard a car and barked in my ear.
2) I have excema. Like, really bad. My arm looks like someone dumped some weird chemical on it.
3) Books, movies, and songs make me cry like a fountain.
4) I listen to hipster music from 3 years ago.
5) Most everyone in this strange land called public school hates me.
6) I obsess. Books, bands, shows, movies (ROCKY HORROR!), you name it, I'll find an obsession.
7) Lastly, I'm terrified of heights. We have a ropes course for gym class, and I often end up in tears... in case you didn't guess, this doesn't exactly help with number 5...

Now you know. My life is NOT marshmallows and sunshine and apple crisp and tea. That's just what I post to entertain you guys.

and the songs of the day are...
Escape in the Afternoon- French Films
Tropicana- Ratatat
Starring- Freelance Whales

since I didn't have any pictures for you today, I thought I'd post some major inspirations for me- that were found on google images. yeah. I do that. :D

sad little box man is sad.


I'm not quite sure what's happening here, but I like it. :D

hot air balloons are just too pretty.

aaaand, the rocky horror picture show. if this doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

happy (or not so happy...) tuesday!

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